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  Qaumi Akhbar

  Asia  >>   Pakistan >>  Urdu  >>  Daily Newspapers >> Qaumi Akhbar

Qaumi Akhbar is an Urdu language newspaper that is printed and circulated from Karachi Pakistan.
About Qaumi Akhbar Newspaper
Country:   Pakistan
Language: Urdu
Category:   Daily Newspapers

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Qaumi Akhbar is an Urdu language newspaper that is printed and circulated from Karachi Pakistan.

About Qaumi Akhbar

Qaumi Akhbar is an Urdu language newspaper of Karachi. It is an affordable newspaper.  Ilyas Shakir is the current Editor of Qaumi Akhbar. It is a daily newspaper. Its head office is located in Karachi. It was started printing and publishing in the year 1990. It is published from Karachi and Hyderabad simultaneously.

Qaumi Akhbar is a complete newspaper because it contains news related to all topics such as social issues, political and current affairs news, entertainment and sport news etc.

Qaumi Akhbar

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Date : Monday, 3rd June 2013, 4:36pm
Name : Mudassar
Comment : It is the leader of Karachi. It Awar the people of Karachi from each and every events of the country and world very nice and informative newspaper
Date : Monday, 3rd December 2012, 3:25am
Name : ati
Comment : plz send akhbar
Date : Saturday, 1st December 2012, 5:40am
Name : nasiruddin
Comment : like
Date : Sunday, 14th October 2012, 11:51am
Name : sabahat
Comment : Like to Read this paper on every day
Date : Saturday, 16th June 2012, 5:26pm
Name : aizaz iftikhar
Comment : may aapna aik photo published k li ey e mail kerna chata hou hyd page per ye aap ka web adress hey e mail kia hey
Date : Tuesday, 21st June 2011, 6:04am
Name : Fahmed
Comment : Thanks to staff of news paper for improvement in the paper.making it valuable for quami akhbar lovers.
Date : Friday, 8th April 2011, 4:38am
Name : F. Ahmed
Comment : AsslamOaliakum.
every body it is nice to see again the good news paper, the staff and reporters working hard for the news paper, may God bless you all, working hard to shine the name of the QUAMI AKHBAR.
Date : Wednesday, 9th March 2011, 5:49pm
Name : F.Ahmed
Comment : salamalekum my Pakistani brother and sister. it is my pleasure that i am writing few words for the urdu news paper. it is a very good news paper but i would like to ask the department concered that they have to provide us news detail in the morning time a
Date : Thursday, 16th December 2010, 3:57am
Name : F.Ahmed
Comment : adab all of you. I would like to bring your kind notice that every day we have some reader mistakes in the news paper proof reader not taking care and having always mistakes which is not good I will send you the some mistakes took place in the paper will
Date : Saturday, 11th December 2010, 11:03am
Name : AD
Comment : best news and comments, i think this is the best newspaper w.r.t karachi's cercumtenses
Date : Monday, 1st November 2010, 5:35am
Name : ali
Comment : Assalam u Alaikum. I hav been reading newspaper since many years nd this is good quality newspaper but em jst wanna know that can u make epaper on net???? if u can i'll be very thanksfull to u.....
Date : Wednesday, 29th September 2010, 5:03am
Name : F.Ahmed
Comment : I read everyday the quami akhbar with the good interest it is a complete news paper. God bless the staff of the news paper.
Date : Thursday, 21st January 2010, 11:38am
Name : Nigah-e-Nazar
Comment :
It is the leader of Karachi. It Awar the people of Karachi from each and every events of the country and world very nice and informative newspaper

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